A few of my favorites from Klair and PJ’s Fall German Village Engagement!

Klair and I share a true love. This is a love that we both have had for quite some time and it’s the kind of love once it hits you, it doesn’t go away and was the reason for their Fall German Village Engagement!

Actually Klair and I share several loves -she has a classical meets modern sense of style that makes my heart sing, we both adore simple effortless design, share a love of details plus on the day we met, she was wearing leopard print flats and had a perfect blush colored manicure which are two of my personal favs.  But back to the the love I was referring to above, German Village, which is where we initially had coffee and quickly realized that we lived just a few blocks from each other (and that my daily dog walk path went right by her German Village home.  Small world!) German Village is the kind of neighborhood that you instantly become infatuated with and then it continues to make you happy for however long you are lucky enough to live there.  Since it’s where Klair and PJ’s happily share a home it only made sense they would choose to have a Fall German Village Engagement!

We met up last autumn on a chilly afternoon and spent a few hours wandering around those lovely brick streets, sharing a few laughs and having fun.  Klair has a quiet confidence about her and is just as sweet as can be and PJ has a wonderful smile and I just love the way that he looks at Klair. 

Tomorrow is the day that Klair and PJ will become man and wife and I have been wandering around on the other side of downtown Columbus today in the Short North getting ready for their wedding at The Joseph!  I am so looking forward to seeing these two sweet people take the next step in their lives together!


Tessa Maxine


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