Summer Garden Engagement

What a joy Natalie and Sean’s Summer Garden Engagement was!  These two made the trip to Granville to Natalie’s parents to pick wild blackberries, make a little jam and have their engagement session at this beautiful backdrop. Given that what these two are most excited for on their wedding day is to bring their family and friends to a place that is very special to them and celebrate with everyone, having their engagement session where Natalie grew made complete sense. Surrounded by trees and summer greenery, they took some time to enjoy each other’s company, share a few laughs and think about their future together.  From all that they have told me so far, their wedding day is going to be one for the books!  Natalie and Sean have planned their wedding day with the people they love most in mind, with their careful attention to detail, their wonderful sense of style and if the yummy blackberry jam that they sent home with me is any indication, it’s sure to be a wonderful day!! So very excited to see you both, meet those you hold near and dear and celebrate with you tomorrow at the Granville Inn!

xoxo, Tessa




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