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To not only create heartfelt timeless images but also help each couple to slow down, connect and soak it all in. I am passionate about capturing moments organically so that couples and their families can look back and smile. 

If you are interested in learning more about my photography services, please send me a note. I would love to hear from you! 

For years, I kept a camera with me at all times, observing and documenting life, preserving stories about the people that I loved most and the beautiful poetry that exists around us each day.  Traveling around the globe with my camera in hand was a way to stop time and preserve moments otherwise forgotten. Really, wanderlust and my camera have been my life's greatest passions. Right now I’m daydreaming about the coast to coast walk in England, heading back to Paris, Italy, Korea, Japan, Cambodia 

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
— Aaron Siskind

and Vietnam. Visiting the Zanzibar, and Nepal for the first time.  

The first wedding I ever photographed was for my two best friends who married each other. To have them trust, wholeheartedly, in my vision was such a complete honor. Wedding photography felt like finding something I hadn't realized was missing and now more than 200 weddings later my role is one part artist, one part friend, one part art director. The goal is always to see and tell each story with fresh eyes and creativity.

I’m a Brit by birth but spent most of my life in the Midwest before moving to Miami in 2017, fulfilling a life-long dream to live by the sea. 

After studying fine arts and art history my photography career actually blossomed from my love of painting. When I bought an old Pentax K1000 camera I quickly realized that photography allowed me to connect with people in a different way. I fell in love — studying how an image can tell a story, how light can sculpt beautifully, spending hours in the comforting quiet of the dark room.

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Feeling slightly lost in a faraway new place, surrounded by a different language, studying the light, sharing a meal with new friends, connecting and understanding how, at our core, we really all share similar values.

Creatures big and small

Creatures big and small have a special place in my heart. Whether it's the squad of green parrots who visit my garden each morning or my sweet little dog, I'm completely smitten by all animals. And yes, I would love to meet your furry baby!

great reads

Lazy mornings and beach dates are better with a great read. When life gets busy there is nothing I love more than escaping by getting lost in a good book.