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Miami Wedding Photographers have Super Powers

December 28, 2019

Villa Woodbine Wedding Ceremony

You’re getting married in Miami (yay!) so now you’re doing the work to plan your wedding day by going down your wedding checklist and you hope to find the perfect Miami wedding photographer, am I right?  You probably know that hiring a wedding photographer is one of the biggest To-Do’s of the whole planning process so here’s a little pro tip: your wedding photographer can do more than just show up on your wedding day….. they can help you in so many other ways.

Colonnade Hotel Wedding by Miami Wedding Photographer Tessa Maxine Photography
Relaxed and Beautiful Bride at a Hotel Colonnade Wedding Day

For many Miami weddings, your photographer is with you from the second the dress goes on and doesn’t leave until the sparklers have gone out.  No other vendor you choose will walk around with you all day. This is your person and after shooting close to 200 weddings, I have seen things go smoothly and things go very wrong. Choose a photographer who’s will be there for you all along the way and who will do more than just show up on your wedding day, find someone you can trust and then listen to your wedding photographer when they offer you advice.

Happy First Look at The Conrad Hotel in Fort Lauderdale Florida

And bonus!  We, wedding photographers, want you to be happy, relaxed and over the moon about your gorgeous photos and we know how to facilitate that.

 A few Wedding Photographer superpowers:

  • Getting a real smile out of your nephew
  • Knowing exactly how to make the sunset paint you in light
  • Capturing your true, relaxed personality (even introverts!)
  • Making a timeline that actually works so you get to relax and have sweet little moments with the people you love and enjoy your day!
Groomsmen-at-theFirst-Congregational-Church-Wedding-Ceremony by Miami Wedding Photographer Tessa Maxine Photography
Groomsmen at the First Congregational Church Wedding

When you wake up on the morning of your wedding day and start to soak in all that sunshine, stretch and take that first sip of hot coffee, you have already worked so hard to pull countless details together. You can’t change the weather (deep breath), your future in-laws, and you can’t stop time.  But what you can do is plan out a timeline with your photographer that will keep your day flowing as peacefully as possible, allow you to relax, sip something yummy, soak up the day and have the time to create beautiful photos so that you can revisit and remember your day whenever you choose to.

Bride walks down the aisle at Versace Mansion Wedding Ceremony by Tessa Maxine Photography
The Bride walks down the aisle at a Versace Mansion Wedding Ceremony in South Beach Miami Florida

In the months leading up to your wedding, sit down and talk with your wedding photographer about the best possible Miami locations, who you are most excited to see and whether or not you should do a first look. Then sit back and let your photographer create a customized timeline for your day.  Seriously this is the most often procrastinated and overlooked task but on your wedding day but a well-planned timeline can make the difference between rushing from one thing to the next or getting to build authentic moments with the people you love most (and that’s kind of the whole point right?)

Bride and Groom at Brazilian Court Wedding in West Palm Beach by Tessa Maxine Photography
Bride and Groom at The Brazilian Court Wedding in West Palm Beach

Knowing how long gorgeous photography takes in real-time, when your dad needs to be ready to see you for the first time, when you should build have an extra minute to refresh your makeup and take a drink of water or when to steal the two of you away for that epic sunset shot is a wedding photographer’s superpower and having a photographer who will use this superpower to help you have a relaxed and enjoyable day is a really good thing.

Father sheds a tear as he walks bride to wedding ceremony at Church of the Little Flower Miami Florida by Tessa Maxine Photography
Father sheds a tear as after spending a few minutes with his daughter before he walks her down the ceremony aisle at the Church of the Little Flower in Miami Florida

Your Wedding Photographer can help you to plan for your Miami wedding by:

  • Decide on whether or not to do a First Look 
  • Consider how to make the most of your sunlight (and grab that amazing sunset photo)
  • Navigate how/when to capture two people who don’t like each other
  • Where to sneak in private moments, just the two of you
  • Plan for enough cushion to accommodate the unexpected twists and turns
  • Minimize the stress of running behind and help you enjoy your day!
Bride and Groom at Fairchild Tropical Gardens by Miami Wedding Photographer Tessa Maxine Photography
Bride and Groom share an intimate moment at a Fairchild Tropical Gardens Wedding in Miami Florida

Collaborating with your Photographer for your Miami wedding day frees you up from the pressure of remembering all the shots you wanted to be taken.  Keeps you from feeling anxious; wondering if a certain special moment was captured. Your heart can be light, your face glowing with joy, and your shoulders relaxed because after all that planning you can know that your day is in good hands.